On the datalogger

I thought I would need some data to prove the benefits of STL. So I needed a datalogger. We met with a group of friends on tuesday nights and started to build our own data logger. It consists of a small single board computer, a "phidget", and lots of sensors. It measures and logs: Suspension movement front and rear, rearwheel speed, acceleration 3axis, Compass heading, GPS position velosity and heading. Nico Zomerdijk is the mastermind on the software. He even wrote viewing software called WatDoetDieFiets (What's that bike doing?)which is PERFECT for analysing the large datasets. There is one button with a blue LED and with that I can start and stop recording data and all data is written to a USB stick. I had this system installed on my daily driver and recorded the behaviour of a normal bike under all driving conditions. Clear to see is the huge dive under braking, and hardly any suspension movement under braking, the two major points I hope to improve.

computer in a caketin
Computer in a caketin.



Then we built the suzuki STL prototype and installed the datalogger on that.