On Stargaze

Welcome to Stargaze! This website covers my work on motorcycles.

My gratitude goes out to Magda Patrick Yuri Arnoud Nico Koos Stef Mike Danny and all others that helped me out to make all this possible.

As a mechanical engineer I design, engineer and create machines and constructions. See www.dirkson.eu for that.

As a biker, I like to enhance my bikes and create some stuff of my own. That stuff is found on this site. As a group of bikers, or rather a group of bike builders, we founded the tuesdaynightclub. In the informal, unorganised and pleasant environment of my workshop we gather weekly to do what we like the most. Well, let's say to do what we really like to do, and that is building motorbikes. The things we do vary from electronics to welding and from trying to mastering. We're not easily scared away by something uncommon or new and dauntlessly try out whatever clever idea it is that comes to mind. Patrick started to record what we're doing and that lead to the stargaze youtube channel:

Current project is called XV1000-RR Mjølnir. Follow the link on top of this page, it is worth it.

Feel free to drop me a line on info@stargaze.nl if you have anything to add.


Koen Dirkson